Miss Heartland Scholarship Pageant 

The Miss Heartland Scholarship Program

Proudly Presents

The Fifth Annual Miss Heartland Pageant

The 2016 Miss Heartland Pageant will be held Saturday October 29, 2016 at Central Montcalm Middle School Stanton, Michigan. The newly crowned Miss Heartland will compete at the Miss Michigan pageant in June, 2017 held in Muskegon at the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts. Miss Heartland is an OPEN preliminary pageant for Miss Michigan. Anyone throughout the state who meets the eligibility requirements is able to compete.

Rules and Regulations

Miss Heartland is a local preliminary pageant where the titleholder qualifies to compete for Miss Michigan.  We are an 'open' pageant which allows any young woman who meets the requirements below within the state of Michigan the ability to compete in our pageant.

• 17 years of age, entering your senior year of high school
•Single, no children, never been married
•Live, work full time, or attend school full time in Michigan
• Be a high school graduate by the time you compete at Miss Michigan
•Be no older than 24 by the date of Dec. 31, 2016
•U.S. Citizen
•Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization 
•If you have any questions regarding your ability to qualify as a contestant please contact us!

Phases of Competition

Private Interview - 25% of total score:

Each contestant will participate in a 10 minute private interview with the panel of five judges.  Topics include contestant's platform topics, current events and general topics.

On-Stage Question - 20% of total score:

Each contestant will be asked one on-stage question.

Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - 10% of total score:

​Each contestant participates in the swimsuit of her choice.

TALENT COMPETITION - 30% of total score:

Contestants will be judged on stage presence, talent quality, originality and entertainment value, and age appropriateness of the routine.

1. The talent time is 90 seconds! It can be shorter, but ABSOLUTELY CANNOT EXCEED 90 SECONDS.
2. Music must be submitted on (1)-one CD’s. CD’s can only contain competition music—nothing else!
3. CD’s must be labeled with Contestant’s Name, Music Title.  (It is recommended that you also have your own back-up CD.)
4. The Judge’s Chairman will time talent tapes during the competition, and if longer then allotted time the Contestant’s score will be penalized.

Use and Restriction of Props:

Therefore be advised…
• No mood setters or background enhancers.
• No props that imitate those used in a Broadway or screen version of your music.
• No props or set pieces that require excessively large stage areas and complicated set-up.
• No use of motion pictures, slides or projection of any kind.
• No live animals.
• No props involving safety hazards, such as fire batons, sword and/or knife twirling, bow and arrow skills.

Evening Wear - 15% of total score:

Each contestant wears the evening wear of her choice.

All competitions are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 using whole numbers with each contestant’s high and low score in each category dropped by the auditors